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Mailbag: Assessing The Risk/Reward Of Josh Gordon


Would you trade a 3rd round pick for Josh Gordon? I assume he will be suspended, maybe for a while, but he's an amazing talent and the boys might be able to provide him the type of support Cleveland can't. Looking at what they did for Dez, is this a medium risk, high reward opportunity?

Bryan: What's interesting about your question is that is exactly what the front office was willing to part with in that supplemental draft to grab Gordon. I agree about Gordon's talent and to compare him to Dez Bryant is really not fair at all. Bryant does have support from the front office, coaches and his teammates, but he has navigated his journey through this NFL because he made those decisions on his own. Things have not always been perfect, but at least he is not willing to put himself before the team -- which is something Josh Gordon has failed every step of the way. No matter how good your player program group is, if the player is not willing to take the steps necessary to make those decisions to change his path, then there is nothing you can do to help him, period. This is not a medium risk situation because the player chooses to be high risk regardless. You should be proud in what Dez Bryant has accomplished not only on the field but off the field as well, because you can have all the talent in the world -- but if your actions continue to keep you off the field, you are no good to anyone.   

David:: I'm not a big fan of giving up a valuable pick for a guy who probably isn't going to be available for a long time – a guy who also hasn't demonstrated the ability to learn from a mistake. The Cowboys have a Pro Bowler at [embedded_ad] receiver, tight end and running back, and they have promising talent behind those guys, as well. It seems like a needless risk to me.

If Kyle Orton does not report and play this year, do we sign a veteran backup in case Brandon Weeden flops? If so, who is available?

Bryan: With that thought process, Caleb Hanie, a veteran quarterback who has started games in this league, is currently on the roster. What this front office will do is also keep tabs of the other quarterbacks that are currently on NFL rosters this preseason and if they have to go that direction, they could trade for that player or wait to play the waiver wire for one that was put on the street. Brandon Weeden will get every opportunity to prove himself much like he has done through OTAs and minicamps, which he has done a nice job of handling.

David: Doesn't Brandon Weeden count as a veteran backup at this point? I mean, I know his time as Cleveland's starter was forgettable, but he's got more starting experience than you can reasonably expect from your backup quarterback. Your next-best bet, at least before roster cuts, would probably be someone like Rex Grossman. Granted, he's got much more experience in the league than Weeden, but it's not like he'd inspire tons of confidence, either.

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