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Mailbag: Bailey's Release? Backup QB Option?


Like everyone else, I was surprised to see Dan Bailey released with the 53 cutdown. If the groin was still an issue, why not put him on IR and start the season with Brett Maher? Was there a medical staff concern and/or did the salary cap savings play into this? - ROBERT KNIGHT / LA MARQUE, TX

Bryan:The more I talk to folks the more I am getting the feeling that they were worried about Bailey starting to decline and worried about his mental state going forward. They were also impressed with the way that Maher was able to kick take advantage of the opportunities he received. 

Rob:Haven't heard anything about Bailey's groin issue from last year resurfacing. There also was no indication his job was in jeopardy -- and that's the puzzling part. He only got one field goal attempt in four preseason games. That gave me – and everyone else, I think – the impression that his job was safe because they knew what he could do. In hindsight, maybe they wanted a longer look at Maher to see if he could do the job.

If my memory recalls correctly, I believe that the Cowboys made a play for drafting Paxton Lynch but couldn't get it done, so now with his release from Denver, do you think the Cowboys will make another play to grab him up and release one of the current backups? - BRYAN SCOTT / RED LION, PA

Bryan: I haven't got anyone to tell me they'd go after Paxton Lynch. His contract might be too pricy to claim at this point, but if he's on the street that might change. But you're correct, they did like him.

Rob: It's possible, but if the Cowboys do take a look at him, they've now got five regular-season games and three years of preseason tape to evaluate – not just their view of him coming out of college. That might change the evaluation.

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