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Mailbag: Balancing Senior Bowl And Pro Bowl?

Pro Bowl 19


Do you feel that strength and size is the only thing missing from Connor Williams' game? How is he technique-wise and can the strength/size affect that negatively?

Bryan: The strength was the biggest issue for him. It's where he struggled the most during the season. Williams actually improved as a player once he had a chance to sit back and watch a few games. When he gains strength it will help him with his technique to maintain better position throughout his blocks.

Rob: Bryan's right. Getting outmatched strength-wise probably forced Williams to get away from his technique at times. He always battled, though, and he's such a good athlete that he complements the other linemen well in terms of being able to make blocks out in space. He's going to be a better player next year.


Does it set the team back evaluation-wise to be at the Pro Bowl instead of the Senior Bowl?

Bryan: The only set back is that these coaches don't get the opportunity to meet with the players face to face. They now how to wait for the Combine to do that, so it puts them a little behind in that regard.

Rob: The team has been in this position before with the coaches handling the Pro Bowl. The scouts and front office executives still made the annual trek to Mobile. It's a little bit of a balancing act for the coaches right now but shouldn't hurt their final evaluations at all by the time April rolls around.

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