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Mailbag: Bargain Hunting For Pass Rushers? Stop-Gap Options At Corner?

With the recent releases of Darnell Dockett and Mathias Kiwanuka, could either of them wind up in Dallas? Kiwanuka, especially, reminds me of a Jeremy Mincey type and could come on the cheap.

Bryan: This front office is more willing to bottom fish than they are go after that one big fish. If and when prices come down on these players – that is when you see them jump in. I don't see Darnell Dockett as their type of guy where Mathias Kiwanuka makes more sense but it has to totally be at their price.

David: I'm not going to try to speculate on an exact name that might wind up signing in Dallas, but I think your thought process is the right one. If the Cowboys make any free agency signings outside of their own roster, look for affordable, veteran names. I really doubt this team is going to sign any flashy names – sorry in advance to all of you Ndamukong Suh advocates out there. Experienced players who can be signed for cheap are the type of signings I'm expecting.

With the pending Brandon Carr contract negotiations, Sterling Moore being a free agent and Morris Claiborne being injury ravaged, do you think the Cowboys will bring in a stop-gap corner such as Charles Tillman who has experience with Rod Marinelli's defense and draft a high round pick on a corner?

Bryan: I think you make a mistake when you try and connect the dots on former players. Reggie Bush and Scott Linehan is another example that I have seen. As much as we believed that Rod Marinelli was the reason of Henry Melton coming to the Cowboys – it was the deal that Melton received from the team that brought him here. From what I have seen from this draft to this point – the cornerback position is one that you can do some good if you choose to go that route.   

David: Tillman is a very intriguing option that has been tossed around, much like Henry Melton last year, because of his ties to Marinelli. If he's fully healthy and he's got some gas in the tank, I say go for it. There might not be a defender in the league who knows the scheme better than him. Regardless, we've talked a lot about how high of a priority the corner position looks to be. Whether the draft, free agency or both, they absolutely have to address it.


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