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Mailbag: Battle For The Backup QB Job? Not Addressing WR In The Draft?

With the addition of Dak Prescott, do you see him beating out Kellen Moore for the No. 2 QB position behind Tony Romo?

Bryan: I don't believe that he will – at least not this season. You don't realize all that goes into this game especially at quarterback in this league. Kellen Moore might not be as talented as Dak Prescott but he knows what it takes to play. The coaches have a great deal of confidence in Moore and would be far more comfortable playing him in a game right now.

David: I'm not going to be the least bit surprised if Moore wins the backup job, to be perfectly honest with you. Prescott is a more physically talented player, but he has never played or studied this type of scheme before. Moore has the benefit of five years in the league and one year in this offense. Prescott is the better option in the long run, but I think Moore may be able to fend him off for now.

What do you think about them not addressing wide receiver during the draft?

Bryan:It appears that they want to see what they have in Brice Butler and Devin Street even though the depth of this draft at receiver was solid. Time will tell whether it was the right decision because it has a chance to blow up in their faces if neither pan out.  

David: I mentioned this during our draft coverage over the weekend, and I continue to think it's probably not a big deal. Yes, Terrance Williams and Brice Butler are entering contract years, but receiver isn't typically a position that takes a long time to adjust to. If they don't re-sign one of these guys next spring, they can draft a receiver next year and plug him into the lineup – just like they did with Williams.


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