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Mailbag: Best Bets To Beef Up The DT Spot?


Thanks for all your insight, I have a question regarding DL. So when Dan Quinn had the most success in ATL when he had Grady Jarett clogging the middle and pushing the pocket. My question is who in FA or in the draft or even if you think Gallimore, Hill, or Woods can be the next Jarrett for Dallas and unlock our LB athleticism? — JOSH CARLSON / PLATTSMOUTH, NE

David: This is a great question and a big priority for these guys to figure out over the next month. It looks likely that Antwaun Woods is coming back, now that he's been tendered. But I still think it would be smart to invest in a strong, space-eating defensive tackle. Jurrell Casey is a name that intrigues me, and so is Malcom Brown. If they can't get it done in free agency, one of my favorite players in this draft class is Ohio State's Tommy Togiai.

Jonny: I agree with David that adding Malcom Brown would be a nice move, but I just get the feeling that it's going to be a nice move that another team makes. Ultimately, I see the Cowboys giving a lot of playing time to Antwuan Woods, but I see them secretly hoping that Gallimore is going to develop into a productive 16-game starter. I like Gallimore a lot, so I understand that hope, but it's a risk. You rely on talent to develop unreasonably fast, and you can look brilliant for drafting well and showing faith. But when it doesn't happen, fans are going to wonder why they didn't try to find the right player in free agency. 

If I could pick any player for the Cowboys to draft this year it would be LB Micah Parsons. I feel he is the one player out there that can instantly change the dynamics on defense. Am I wrong in feeling so strongly about Micah? Is there that player for you in this draft, if so who and why? — RUSSELL RODGERS / MIDLAND, TX

David: I don't disagree with you about Parsons being an excellent player, but I do wonder about the positional value. The NFL is a passing league, and I'd prefer for a Top 10 draft pick to have a bigger impact on the passing game. For my money, drafting a cornerback who can lock down his half of the field is much more valuable than a linebacker. But I really don't mean that as a knock on Parsons, he's a heck of a talent.

Jonny: I'm really close to agreeing with you, because I do think the team who drafts Parsons is going to look very smart. But I've only felt stronger about my position that the Cowboys should draft an offensive tackle in the first round since the Dak extension. They have so many elements of an offensive juggernaut and another big loss of La'el Collins or Tyron Smith could completely unravel that. The team needs depth at the position and they need to think about Smith's eventual replacement to protect Dak for the remainder of his contract. If you want an All-Pro OT, then you should get one when you have a top-10 pick.

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