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Mailbag: Best Way For Team to Help Prescott?


Dak Prescott now has seven years under his belt and will turn 30 before next season. At this point in his career, what can the Cowboys do to get better play from their starting quarterback? Does the front office need to surround him with more talent? Does Mike McCarthy need to provide a better scheme? Or does the new quarterbacks coach need to help Prescott with his mechanics, decision-making, etc.? – Stephen Smith/Coatesvile, PA

Nick: All of the above. It's never just one thing and this one is no exception. Let's start with talent, because this is the hardest part, especially when the QB is already making $40 million per season. That's a huge chunk of the pie, but at the same time, this offense still needs more playmakers. That's why drafting guys that can help is such a priority. You need guys like Pollard and Jalen Tolbert to shine early when they're on a first contract. Now Pollard needs a new deal. Gallup already got a big deal. So it's not easy to do, but finding affordable help is a huge must to give Dak that support system. The other things are nice, too. McCarthy can probably call some plays that benefit Dak's strengths a little more and a new voice in his ear for a QB coach can certainly help. But to me, it's all about talent around him. And since the salary cap is once again going to be a challenge, the Cowboys must figure out ways to give him help.

Patrik: I was hoping you'd go where my mind was already living, and you did: QBs coach. I'm on record as pointing out just how much of a step forward Prescott took with Jon Kitna in that role, and you've now witnessed an uncharacteristic problem with interceptions (2022) begin to mushroom, tied to his time with Doug Nussmeier. I'm still wondering if Prescott needs to recalibrate his throws due to that broken/healed thumb, which he has an entire offseason to do now, but having the right position coach in his ear is going to be paramount going forward; as will making sure the "new" offensive scheme and play-calling utilizing his mobility more often to keep defenses off-balance (see Super Bowl 57 for more insight there). From there, get that WR room settled beside CeeDee Lamb, because that was a notable reason for the spike in INTs.

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