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Mailbag: Biggest Concern Moving Forward?


Watching a completely disjointed, dysfunctional and disorganized performance yet again, what's the single biggest concern for the remainder of this season? Injuries and coaching aside, the lack of fight is probably most worrying for me and the players not fighting and scrapping for every play. This season isn't over but why are they playing like it is? — TREVOR D'MELLO / EDINBURGH, UK

Rob: It's exactly what DeMarcus Lawrence said after the game: there has to be more fight and belief that they can play through injuries and mistakes. It's obvious to anyone who watches these games that the team hasn't handled in-game adversity well at all. It's almost a 'here we go again' vibe. Granted, injuries are without question a major problem because the offense once was the strength of the team (barring turnovers) and now the line has been so decimated that they can't sustain drives against top fronts. Zack Martin's return will help, but Dak Prescott's ability to extend plays is no longer a fallback for the rest of this season. All that said, a team can't let injuries define their season. Philly still has Carson Wentz in the lineup, but top to bottom they've had more guys go down and they're still hanging in there.

David: I can't begin to guess what's eating at this team. It's even harder than usual to understand, because we don't have access to the locker room and we can't talk to these guys in person. But something is wrong, and it's manifesting itself in these lopsided results. Lots of teams deal with injuries. A few teams a year get decimated like this one has, and they still find ways to be competitive. With everything that's gone wrong for the Cowboys, I'm not even asking them to win – just be competitive. It hasn't been happening these last two weeks, and there need to be some honest conversations about what's preventing that from happening.

Do you guys think we should try to go after a vet like Ryan Fitzpatrick? Should we go get Cooper Rush off the street? Or is our O-Line so bad that it really doesn't matter who is back there at QB at this point. — BRAD SOUTH / WYNNE, AR

Rob: I don't know how anyone realistically can evaluate Andy Dalton's first two starts based on the injuries and the turnovers that continue to eliminate any shred of offensive balance. When he returns from the concussion he's the starter, and if the protection can improve I still think he can move the offense. So no, I don't foresee a move like that. If Dalton can't go this week, it'll have to be Ben DiNucci because the extended COVID protocols mean it's now close to a week before any new player can come in and help.

David: Like Rob mentioned, any quarterback that they signed this week would not be able to help on Sunday night. Because of the COVID protocols, they wouldn't even be allowed into the building until the weekend. Your best hope is that Dalton's concussion is not as serious as it looked, and that he can return to the lineup sooner rather than later. Until then, I think Ben DiNucci is likely your best bet.

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