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Mailbag: Biggest Concern? New Roster Strategy?


Everyone keeps saying we need D-Line help, we need safety, but the defense played really well. Keep bringing guys in, don't get me wrong, but I think O-Line is a concern. I am not saying reach and freak out, but at least a guy or two somewhere to add depth and maybe help at some point? - JEFF FREDRICKSON / BENNINGTON, NE

Bryan: They could add a lineman to the mix, but you need to take a deeper look of the guys they have. Joe Looney is once again a backup. Xavier Su'a-Filo proved to be a quality starter. Cam Fleming was re-signed. Adam Redmond played a few snaps for them. Parker Ehinger didn't play a down but is now healthy and ready to go. They have some depth.

Rob: I feel better about the line this year for three reasons. One, Travis Frederick's plan to participate in the offseason program is a positive step forward in his recovery from GBS. Two, Connor Williams will get stronger (he doesn't turn 22 until next month). And three, the entire group should benefit from a full offseason with full-time position coach Marc Colombo, reinforcing the philosophy they reinstalled at midseason after Paul Alexander got let go.


Are the Cowboys developing a new strategy to trade low-round draft picks (low hit rate) close to the draft to get older vets than are not a good scheme fit on their current club, but fill a role for the 'Boys? Since the vets are under contract (last year) they have limited leverage relative to free agents. - TIM KAUTIAINEN / SANTA CLARITA, CA

Bryan: I believe you're reading into this too much. If teams call, you listen. That's what happened with the Dolphins. It was an opportunity to make a deal and they put it together -- really simple as that. To say it's a plan I don't believe is accurate.

Rob: I wouldn't say this will be a recurring strategy, either. Sometimes opportunities just present themselves. It's not every day that a 24-year-old two-time Pro Bowler is available at the trade deadline. Amari Cooper was, and the Cowboys capitalized. Like you said, Quinn wasn't a scheme fit for Miami and the Cowboys had a major depth need. They capitalized.

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