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Mailbag: Bradlee Anae's Role? Rookie FA To Watch?


Is there a chance we may see Bradlee Anae anywhere but the bench this year? Seems he was in high regard when he was drafted, but never got any playing time. — LARRY SHUMAKER / WICHITA FALLS, TX

Rob: He did not, and although Aldon Smith wasn't re-signed, now there's more competition from Tarell Basham and Chauncey Golston. Dan Quinn has talked a lot about arm length for defensive linemen, and that's not a strong suit for Anae. But his effort and technique are strengths, so we'll see what happens.

David: It's an interesting storyline, and it's a textbook example of the reality of the NFL. Anae was one of the most popular draft picks of last year, but the reality of the situation is that he's got some steep competition to even make the roster. We'll have to see how training camp plays out, but it's a timely reminder that it's hard to make the roster as a Day 3 draft pick.

Who is your favorite undrafted free agent that you think will make the team and why? — VINCENT VINCI / LAURENCE HARBOR, NJ

Rob: It's far from certain that Brandon Smith makes the team, but the Cowboys liked him coming into the draft. Seems every year there's an undrafted receiver who turns heads in the offseason, and as we've seen in the past, it doesn't always carry into training camp and preseason. But Smith has a lot of natural ability, despite not getting drafted from a deep receiver class.

David: I'm pretty intrigued by Nick Eubanks, the tight end out of Michigan. I think he's got the size to block well, and he has good hands. Considering how thin the tight end depth chart is, I think he's got a good shot.

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