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Mailbag: Budgeting For Future Deals? WR Moves


With the recent Amari Cooper trade and him in the last year of his rookie deal, any concerns with the amount of players set for a new contract? - COREY BATES / CHEYENNE, WY

Bryan: You will have him under contract for 2019 and then be able to work from there. They made this trade with the idea of where he was contract wise and where they are as a team. I believe their first concern will be to try and get something done with Lawrence and Byron Jones this coming offseason.

Rob: Cooper will be here through at least 2019 because of the fifth-year option on his rookie contract with the Raiders. Before trading for him, the Cowboys did consider the fact that drafting a receiver instead would mean more years on the contract. But they felt Cooper was too talented, and they do have him for at least another season.


I understand we just brought Amari in and that means cut someone, but why did they cut Brice Butler? Butler has shown he can play. Why did they not get him on the field after re-signing him? - JOSH HANSON / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Bryan: That was a mystery to me as well and one I haven't got a straight answer on. I believed that Butler had a chance to help them once he returned, but maybe they didn't like the way he looked in practice getting ready for these games?

Rob: I wondered that too – not just that he was the one cut, but that he got so few snaps these last few weeks. Butler is a big receiver with speed, and the receiver rotation could have used both those thing. Apparently they saw more from the other guys during the week.

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