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Mailbag: Building A Team Less Reliant on QB?


Since they've beefed up the defense and added more weapons on offense, are the Cowboys building a team that is less reliant on the quarterback?Donald Lewis

Nick Eatman: Well, isn't that the ultimate goal? That's not a dig against Dak or any quarterback. But I think all NFL teams are trying to build a team that can win in a variety of ways. Sometimes, you need your offense to go score points and win. Sometimes, games are more defensive-oriented and you've got to win a game 14-10. But to me, what you're asking is more about this team being well-balanced. And yes, that's the goal. But let me say this about the quarterback. Whether or not he's the best player on the team, there will always be times in games, sometimes at the end of the half and sometimes with the game on the line. But regardless what has happened around him, the quarterback has to put the team on his back and carry them down the field for a late touchdown or field goal. No matter if he's the best player on the team or not, the quarterback is always counted on to lead the team in pressure situations. That hasn't changed in 50 years and probably won't change in the next 50.

Kurt: That's an interesting way to look at the situation. In their effort to make the team more "Dak-friendly" are the Cowboys in turn becoming less reliant on their star quarterback? Perhaps there is some truth to that. I don't think the team wants Dak Prescott to feel like he has to carry the full load on his shoulders and providing a more balanced attack around him and a stout defense that can help clean up any offensive letdowns will definitely help. With that said, in today's NFL every team is still reliant on its quarterback. Sure, a dominant defense will win you some games and an offense boasting of a solid line and playmakers at wide receiver and running back is going to be formidable. But if the quarterback isn't doing his job, even if that's just not turning the ball over, then championship success will be hard to come by. As head coach Mike McCarthy said, "Defense wins championships, but the Super Bowl is won by the quarterback." Meaning, the Cowboys may be just as reliant on Prescott as ever.

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