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Mailbag: Callahan's Decision To Leave?; Top Priority In The Draft?

It looks like the Cowboys didn't want Bill Callahan back. Why? He took a lesser position with the Skins

Bryan: This was more about Callahan than it was the Cowboys. When he tried to leave last season and didn't have the opportunity that was really the final straw. There was never a doubt in my mind that he was going to leave once his contract was up. He gets to do what he wants and the Cowboys move on with Frank Pollack, which should be just fine.

David: I don't it's that they didn't want him back – it's just that they didn't want him back at a high price. The Cowboys just committed a lot of money to Scott Linehan, and Callahan was no longer calling plays in Dallas. It sounds like the Redskins made a more competitive offer for his services. With Frank Pollack already in place to maintain continuity, I doubt it was a big priority.


If you were drafting tomorrow, what position would you address first?

Bryan:I am looking at this defense first -- most likely along the defensive line. The problem is that I have started with these defensive ends and other than Bud Dupree of Kentucky and Shane Ray of Missouri I am not sure where that player is going to come from? This team needs some pass rush help now so keep an eye on that spot.

David: Ideally, I'd want to draft a difference-making, pass-rushing defensive tackle – along the same lines as Aaron Donald last year. Unfortunately, it's a safe bet that a player of Donald's caliber won't be there at No. 27. If there's a pass rusher with a first-round grade on the board at No. 27, that's where I'd go. Otherwise I'd be looking at cornerback or running back. If DeMarco Murray leaves in free agency and Melvin Gordon is still available when the Cowboys pick, I'd be sorely tempted to take him.

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