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Mailbag: Can Cowboys rely on run game?


The weather forecast says 40 degrees with possible wind and rain on Sunday, so the Cowboys may need to rely more on the run game, right? But can they depend on their running attack to get the job done? WE NEED THIS WIN! – Bill Kaelin/Fleming Island, FL

Patrik: This was a conversation we were having today, as a matter of fact. The biggest thing to key in on is if there's precipitation at FedEx Field on Sunday, because that changes the entire scheme for both teams. It looks as if, at the time of this answer, that the wintry mix/snow that was initially forecasted as waned down to little chance at all, which leaves (hopefully) just the temps to contend with. And if that's the case, there's still a chance to get the passing game going at around 40 degrees, especially for guys like Jake Ferguson (Wisconsin). That said, as the sun sets, the temps drop and become that much more of an issue and you'll definitely either want to have established your rushing attack by then or, better still, have the game so out of hand that your rushing attack is only needed as a clock-killer. Either way, and inclusive of Tony Pollard needing a bounce back game heading into the playoffs, it would be nice to see a solid day/night on the ground from the Cowboys.

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