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Mailbag: Can Dak "Run" Offense Like Mahomes?


Not comparing Dak to Mahomes at all, but that's actually the point. If KC isn't afraid to run their franchise QB with an option on the goal line, shouldn't the Cowboys let Dak run more? Seems like they have success when he does it more. - Richard Hamlet / Boulder, CO

Rob: I love when the Cowboys use Prescott as a run threat in the red zone. Good things usually happen - he does have 21 career rushing scores. Maybe they could do it more often. But yes, there's injury risk to it. When Prescott hurt his shoulder late in the season it was on a run play against the Rams. And Mahomes took a couple of ugly hits against San Francisco. I just think you have to be selective with it and trust your quarterback to protect himself as best as possible.

Nick: I think you're right. We've seen guys like Lamar Jackson, Watson and Mahomes all have success with that style. I do think they need to let Dak get outside the pocket way more because he can make plays. But down by the goal line, Dak has the size and running ability to be more of a weapon. That needs to be emphasized more. 

I see all these linebackers that we drafted now in the Super Bowl. Did the Cowboys not develop these guys or are they just role players who happen to be on the big stage? - Rafael Adams / Austin, TX

Rob: First off, congrats to Anthony Hitchens and Damien Wilson. They contributed to a championship Chiefs team and deserve credit for that. But to say they did a complete 180 in terms of production as soon as they changed teams? That's not accurate. Hitchens was a very productive starter at multiple positions here. Wilson did some good things in more limited snaps, too.

Nick: As for Anthony Hitchens, he was definitely developed and a really good player. But they had so many guys to pay like Zack and D-Law that they just couldn't pay Hitchens. I don't really consider that a huge loss. The other guys had chances to make plays and never really made a big impact. Every team has guys like Wilson and Nzeocha. But like Rob said, congrats to those two Chiefs linebackers and others on that team that were once here in Dallas.

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