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Mailbag: Can Dallas Handle Green Bay's Ground Game?


With the defense putting so much importance on the pass rush against Green Bay, will they get slashed by the run?

Nick: I don't think so. This team finds a way to respond, especially at home. We thought Oakland might thrash them on the ground and it was the opposite. I think the Cowboys find a way to turn it around. I wouldn't expect Green Bay to get more than 75-100 yards on the ground as a team.

David: As of Thursday afternoon, Eddie Lacy has yet to participate in Packers' practice. That doesn't necessarily mean he's out for the game, but it would be encouraging for the Cowboys if they didn't have to face him. The other big factor is whether Sean Lee can play. If Lee is there to plug the holes, then I don't think the Cowboys need to worry about giving up too much on the ground.

Is Barry Church seriously going to get voted into the Pro Bowl? I know it's often a good thing when you don't hear your DB's names called, but with how historically bad our pass defense has been, how can this possibly be justified?

Nick:The fans are voting for him. But he's still got to get votes from players and coaches. Church is a really [embedded_ad] good tackler and he'll make some plays on the ball. I don't know about the Pro Bowl. My gut says he doesn't make it.

David: Not that it's saying much given the numbers, but Church has been one of the most consistent players on the defense this year. I'm not sure he's playing at a Pro Bowl level, especially considering that he's competing with the likes of Earl Thomas, Ryan Clark, Jairus Byrd and Eric Reid. We'll see how it shakes out when the players and coaches vote. I'd be pretty surprised if a starter in a secondary this leaky gets the nod.

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