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Mailbag: Can Diggs Get A Deion-Like Role At WR? 


I know we don't want to overextend or risk injury to Trevon Diggs, but any chance we spot him a few plays at wide receiver? A bit like Deion Sanders back in the day? — JEFF BOYLAN / PAINTED POST, NY

Nick:I don't really want to give away a project that we're working on right now, but in talking to some of Trevon's former coaches and close friends, they seem to think wide receiver is his best position. Not something he can play here and there, but that he's better at receiver than corner. He only moved positions at Alabama based off of need. Now, to your question, I don't exactly see that happening because it's so demanding on the body. But I'm not opposed to it. The thing about Deion that made it different is that Deion had track-star speed. So if he went deep, it was really testing the other corners and safeties. He wasn't as polished as a receiver with the routes, but could get by because of the speed. With Diggs, I don't think he'd be able to get by with pure speed without working on the craft every day. I'd be OK with it here and there, but not all the time.

Rob: I don't really see that happening unless the Cowboys got in a major pinch at wide receiver. I'm sure Diggs would love it. (Dak Prescott has said Diggs has asked for some receiver reps in practice before.) But as great as he was last year – it was the best season by a Cowboys cornerback since Deion -- we tend to forget that Diggs is still learning how to play corner at the highest level. He didn't start playing there full time until five years ago. That's exciting for his long-term potential, but that's also why it probably makes sense to let him focus on that.

I know that Malik Hooker and Jayron Kearse will be the starting safeties for the upcoming season. With that said, how much playing time do you see Donovan Wilson getting? — H. MELVIN / OCEAN CITY, NJ

Nick:More than you'd think. Wilson will play a lot in the nickel packages because Kearse should slide down to a linebacker role. Wilson just has to stay healthy – something he wasn't in 2021. If he can do that, and get back to the playmaker he was in 2020, this could be a big year for him. He's got a nose for the ball and he's a big hitter. I'd like to see him get back to that this year.

Rob: With Damontae Kazee no longer on the roster, there's a spot open for snaps in the safety rotation, especially if Kearse continues to play that linebacker/safety role in a three-safety package. Wilson played close to a third of the defensive snaps last year and I could see that happening again. Undrafted rookie Markquese Bell is a player to watch in Oxnard, though.

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