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Mailbag: Can Romo Create Cap Room?; Updating Sean Lee's Status

Do you think Jerry Jones and Tony Romo may restructure his deal to create some cap space to resign Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray? I know Aikman did it and was curious.

Bryan: No I don't think so. If they go for cap money it's going to come from Brandon Carr.

David:This was bound to come up when Tom Brady signed off on a contract tweak that should free up about $16 million that the Patriots can use this coming offseason. There's really no way of knowing whether Romo would go for something like that without asking him, and even then I doubt he'd have a concrete answer. I agree with Bryan that the Cowboys look really likely to gain some money back by renegotiating with Carr. We'll have to wait and see about anything else.

How is the Sean Lee's rehab coming? Any chance he will be ready for all offseason workouts?

Bryan: There is a great chance that Sean Lee will be ready for those off season workouts. We saw him on the field for the first time and he was moving around well. There is no question that the time he has had to rehab that he has put it to good use.

David:As you might have heard, Lee caused a stir when he went out to the Cowboys' practice last Friday to do some running. That wasn't even his first workout session -- just the first one in front of the media. Lee has practically lived at Valley Ranch since he tore his ACL in late May, and there's no doubt in my mind he's put everything into his recovery. My best guess is the Cowboys will monitor him closely during the spring, but I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be ready for training camp.

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