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Mailbag: Can the Offense Find Focus Early?


Clearly the Cowboys can turn it on and control their destiny, but what can be done to help the offense gain that focus from the start? – Michal McCown/Frankfurt, Germany

Nick: Honestly, I've said this before but the quarter that gives them the most problem is the second quarter. I guess, technically the first half is still "early" in the game but I think the Cowboys have been rather good to open the game. But in the second quarter, they seem to have a lull and the games are closer than they need to be at halftime. What can they do? Make those quick sideline adjustments to keep the defense on its toes. And the same needs to be said on the other side of the ball. For some reason - right before halftime as been an issue. Just have to find that consistency to build a lead and then extend on it.

Mickey: Well, Michal, if you watched this past Sunday the Cowboys did start fast, scoring a touchdown on the opening drive of the game, got a stop but unfortunately fumbled away the ensuing punt, the short field leading to a Texans touchdown. Can't turn the ball over, and they did it again late in the second quarter on that double-tipped pass interception, leading to another touchdown. Ball protection this time of year is essential. Got to come out with their motors running.

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