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Mailbag: Can The Problems On The Offensive Line Be Fixed?


The O-line is not holding up as it should - false starts, missed assignments and so on. Can this get fixed during the season?

Nick: I think they can get it corrected, but like all spots, there will be good games and bad. This won't be a dominant line by any means. I think the problem is that no one player has been great every game or bad every game. They spread it around. That only makes for more head-scratching and second-guessing. Do I think it will get better? Definitely, but I still believe we will see some problems with the O-Line in the final weeks of the season, too.

Josh: Entirely fixed? No. This team and every other team will allow sacks in a lot of games, struggle to run the ball at others and commit penalties at times. They just need to avoid those mistakes more consistently. As they play together more as a group, I think they can be better. There's no reason the line should be worse than last year's. But there's pressure on the coaching staff to figure out ways to help.

To me Jason Witten is still not looking 100 percent. Do you think it's time for him to sit out a game?

Nick: No I don't think it's time for that. If that were the case, I think it might be harder than you think to sit him down. Witten played less than four weeks after the injury, so I don't think he'll be fine with sitting him out. You can say "well, it's not his decision" but I think there's more to it if you sit down the team captain and leader. It'll look like a benching because he's the first one to say he's not hurt. So if you sit him down, what's the reason? I think he should take a week off – next week on the bye. I think he'll be fine.

Josh: Witten looks 100 percent to me. A spleen injury, which he's was cleared from weeks ago, has no bearing on his hands. It doesn't make him false start. It's not the reason he was driven backward by a 280-pound defensive end on Sunday. Jason Garrett has been talking a lot about a player's "body of work recently," and I think you have to take that into account. Witten has had a couple bad games, but before that he had about 140 good ones. He can't snap out of his slump on the bench. I don't doubt he'll be back to his normal self in no time at all.

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