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Mailbag: Can This Defense Afford To Cut Ties With Ware?



From what Stephen Jones said, the Cowboys will probably draft the best player available, regardless of position. With that in mind, what position do you believe they will be looking at when No. 16 rolls around?

Nick: I think it should be "best defensive player available" but then again, Stephen isn't saying that right now or ever. You don't want to tell the world you're taking defense because teams will know they've got to get ahead of Dallas for a particular player. That's the real reason people say "best available" right now because they don't want to show their hand and it's an easy copout answer. But the truth of the matter is, this team better fix the defense and the best way to do it is drafting a stud in the first round. Defensive line, linebacker and safety will do.

David: I'm not sure Jones said "regardless of position," so much as that the team doesn't want to pigeon hole itself into focusing solely on defensive linemen. My best guess is that the Cowboys will focus on defense, whether it be a lineman, a linebacker or a safety – either that or they trade back and out of the pick. Of all the defensive positions they need, though, I would go with defensive tackle.

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Are they seriously considering cutting DeMarcus Ware?? Tell me how the worst defense in the league gets better by cutting its best player? I know the cap is an issue but why Ware?  

Nick: You just answered your question. I do see your point about the weak getting weaker by cutting Ware. But when you say, I know the cap is an issue but why Ware, well because Ware is one of the issues. His $12.2 million salary is the issue and that's what the Cowboys must lower – whether it's a restructure or pay cut. But ultimately, I've said all along this team needs to keep Ware and figure out how to make it work.

David: Simply put, he makes the second-highest salary on the team behind Tony Romo. Considering the Cowboys' cap problems, and his own dip in form, that's just not a justifiable expense for this team. That said, I don't think they're going to cut him. I think we're looking at either another restructure of a pay cut, both of which involve Ware staying in Dallas. Based on the comments coming out of Indianapolis, it doesn't sound like the front office has finalized that strategy just yet.

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