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Mailbag: Can Zeke Regain The Rushing Title? Predictions For Noah Brown In Year 2?



Is it safe to assume that is Ezekiel Elliott will win the rushing title?  I mean the man was 10th in the league in rushing last year and only played 10 games. Seriously, he only ended up 400 yards short of winning the title with six games less then everyone else.

David:I would hate to count my chickens before they hatch. After all, we had no idea at this time last year that Zeke would miss any games, let alone six. But if he is healthy and available, then yes – he should be the favorite to lead the league. If Connor Williams is as good as I think he is, this should once again be the best line in the league. I have high expectations for what Zeke can do with these guys in Year 3.

Rob:I'd say he's the prohibitive favorite as we sit here in May, sure. The thing that helps him most is the Cowboys' commitment to the run. They readily admit they're a run-first team and everything else is predicated off what Elliott does. They do need one or two receivers to step up and unclog the line of scrimmage. But let's be honest, Elliott has seen stacked boxes most games in his career so far already.



I think our wide receivers will be fine. This is a young man's game. Do you think Noah Brown will surprise some people this year and maybe push a veteran off the team?

David: I would not bet against Brown for the simple fact that he has a build that no one else on this roster can match. His size makes him a good option as a blocker, and it gives him potential in the red zone. If he was good enough to make the team as a rookie, I really like his odds to make a statement in his second season.

Rob:It's too early to predict much of anything at wide receiver because so many faces are changing. However, I do think Brown has a chance to stick around because of his blocking ability. He's a bigger receiver (6-2, 225) and did a nice job creating running lanes as a rookie. With Jason Witten retiring, the Cowboys need as many guys as possible who can do that.

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