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Mailbag: CB Suddenly Now A Bigger Draft Need?


With the Kelvin Joseph situation/investigation going on, do you think this could change the Cowboys' approach in the first or second round? Do you see them possibly grabbing a corner in the either of the first two rounds now? – MICHAEL SCHARCH / EASTON, MD

David: I want to be considerate with these types of questions, because a young man was killed and it just feels a bit gross to immediately start wondering how it affects the Cowboys' depth chart. There's more to life than football, and my heart goes out to Cameron Ray and his family. With all of that said, I think the fact that all three of the starting cornerbacks from last year, plus Nahshon Wright, are on the roster, would keep them from having to do anything drastic in the draft. But it certainly looks like a bigger issue at this moment than we thought a week ago.

Nick: Obviously, this is a developing story that just popped up over the weekend. As Dave said in the previous answer, it's a much bigger story than football, and certainly a tragic one with an unnecessary outcome. But to answer your question, no I don't think it changes anything. And the reason for that is that I don't believe Kelvin Joseph's presence on the roster was going to change anything about the draft in the first place. If the Cowboys had a cornerback on the board – even in the first round – that fell to them, I don't think they would not take him because of Joseph. He hasn't proven anything on the field that would warrant that. And that goes for any other round. On the flip side, the Cowboys weren't entering the draft having to go get a cornerback either. So I think they probably draft one – something that was probably going to happen either way.

I really like the value of Day 2 tight ends in this draft. Guys like Greg Dulcich, Cade Otton and Isaiah Likely to name a few. Do you see a Day 2 TE as a reach compared to other needs? – NATHAN MATTISON / GLENN FALLS, NY

David: The nice thing about the draft is that it shouldn't be a reach if they're doing their job the right way and ranking players accordingly. There isn't a tight end I'd feel comfortable drafting on Day 1, but starting on Day 2 there are a lot of guys that I'd be perfectly happy bringing on board. They need to do something to prepare for the possibility of losing Dalton Schultz. And even if they sign Schultz for the long-term, we know how much this team likes to use two-tight end sets.

Nick: I don't study the draft as closely as Dave or others on the Draft Show. But I'll say this, they really need to find a tight end capable of blocking. That's something they really haven't had in a while and so I'd imagine that guy is out there and probably more of a Day 3 pick. I know it seems like every position we talk about, we end up pushing towards that fifth round that has four picks slotted right now. Tight end probably needs to be addressed but I wouldn't think it happens before Day 3.

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