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Mailbag: CeeDee's Camp Compared To Dez In 2010?


I know your observation time at camp has been limited this year, but I was wondering who was more impressive throughout training camp their rookie year, CeeDee or Dez Bryant? I hear a lot of good things from you about CeeDee, but I remember everyone raving about the things Dez was doing. — LAYNE PETTY / FREDERICKSBURG, TX

Nick: I know it's been a decade but I think Dez was better as a rookie, if I remember correctly. Now, Dez was very dehydrated his first practice and threw up twice on the field. But he also had some really nice plays that day – and it was outside in the heat of April. But once camp started, he was so dynamic and made a highlight play every day it seemed. Now, CeeDee seems a little more advanced in his route-running and understanding of the position. So he's probably further along than Dez, but in terms of "wow" plays, I'd have to give it to Dez at this point.

Rob: Man, that's a tough question. I'll say CeeDee simply because the last two weeks have literally been his first competition against NFL players. Dez definitely turned heads in practice back in 2010, even though the top storyline was his refusal to carry Roy Williams' pads as a rookie tradition of sorts. But Dez had an offseason program to adjust to the speed of the game. No rookie camp or OTAs in the spring is what makes CeeDee's camp so impressive to me.

It seems like quite a few players (Trysten Hill, Dalton Schultz, etc.) struggled under the old staff but appear to be having good camps this year. Do you believe this is due to another year of building strength as a pro or do you believe the new coaching staff is doing a better job of bringing out the best in these guys? — ART SACHER / LAUREL SPRINGS, NJ

Nick: I think it's way too early to say those two players, are any of the younger guys, have really turned the corner just yet. We will see how the season unfolds, but when a player makes a big jump, it can be attributed to a lot of things. Some of it on the player, and yes some of it could be a new scheme or fit that works better. I think for Schultz and Hill, both of them weren't ready to be impact players right away. And who knows if they are right now, but it does seem like they will get the chance to show us before too long.

Rob: Schultz indeed is having a good camp, and it's his third year. Usually that's the year players take the largest leap. He definitely can be an asset to the tight end group because he's very well-rounded. Hill's motor was maybe the best thing the Cowboys liked about him coming out of college and we're seeing it in these practices. It was way too soon last year to make a judgment about his career potential. The coaches are really pleased with his approach and the snaps are there for him right now.

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