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Mailbag: Chance for a Dez Bryant Return?


Thinking about the return of Dez, what about using Dez at TE? I think with his frame and ability, it might be a natural progression. He could also be that X-factor motivational component this team needs. – DEREK DONALD / FORT WORTH, TX

David: What you really mean is a big slot. Nobody in their right mind would put Dez in a three-point stance against a defensive end and expect him to hold up. But he could play more of a flexed role and use his size as a mismatch against nickel backs and safeties, particularly in the red zone. If Dez were to play again, I think that would be a nice role for him. I don't think it would be here, though. I'd have to see him sign before I believed the Cowboys were actually willing to do it.

Jonny: I personally think Dez has a valid point that he could provide a similar sense of leadership and reliability that Jason Witten provided last season, and I think it's a bit unfair to guffaw at the comparison. I don't expect him to be a Dallas Cowboy. Mike McCarthy represents a new start and he's not handcuffed to anything from the previous regime. If McCarthy were still coaching the Packers I don't think he'd sign a 31-year-old receiver whose torn an Achilles and seems to attract cameras.

We all keep saying Blake Jarwin needs more playing time, but what are the odds of really seeing a difference in 2020? – JUNIOR LAWRENCE / DUBUQUE, IA

David: Ask me again when we know what Jason Witten is doing. If Witten returns to the Cowboys, then I wouldn't count on it. But if Witten moves on, then Jarwin immediately becomes your TE1 and is line for much more playing time in 2020.

Jonny: More snaps will result in more production for Jarwin. That's just how these things work. But I think it's totally fair to be skeptical of his potential. He hasn't given fans a lot of reasons to think his ceiling is particularly high. Of course that could be because of limited opportunity, but the other way of looking at is that he wasn't able to steal snaps away from a 37-year-old Jason Witten. It's only natural to wonder if the potential is higher for a tight end drafted in the early rounds of April's draft.

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