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Mailbag: Changing Dak's Preseason Workload?


Since Dak has quite a few new receivers, is he going to get a little bit more experience in a game situation in the preseason? - Jason Walsh / Oklahoma City, OK

Bryan: I don't get that feeling. There is a reason these guys tried to get together as much as possible in the off season to iron things out. My gut is that Prescott feels pretty good about the time they've put in.

David: Dak has been throwing with these guys on a regular basis since April, and that includes this past month of down time. I don't think they need to drastically alter his workload to accommodate them. I would guess he plays in two games.

One thing that bothered me last year and frankly in a lot of seasons before, is when an injury to a star came up, the Cowboys, unlike other teams (Eagles especially), don't seem to be good at the "next man up" philosophy? Whether it was Lee or Smith, or Zeke (due to suspension) or even back to Romo a few years ago. When players like them went down, the next game or games were brutal performances especially games like Atlanta last year. Is there a reason for this? Do you think the coaches will change approaches with backups this year, more reps in practice or something? Philly won the Super Bowl with Nick Foles, I'm just saying ... why can't we do adapt like other teams? - Josh Hanson / San Antonio , TX

Bryan: Eagles won a Super Bowl with players around Nick Foles. If you wanted to use Jason Peters as an example, I'd agree. You had some young kids step up in some spots. When Scandrick went down Awuzie and Lewis had to play a bigger role. They have players that are capable of playing well when needed. Not trying to read you wrong but I believe you're still mad about Chaz Green?

David: Simply put, I just think the Cowboys have misevaluated their depth in recent years. Back in 2015, they bargain-hunted for backup quarterbacks and it cost them. You could argue the same thing about their linebacker depth. They had a solid backup tackle in Chaz Green and spent a year trying to move him to guard. Meanwhile, the Eagles went out and did aggressive things to acquire better players – like trading for Jay Ajayi and paying a high price for a quality backup quarterback in Nick Foles. The Cowboys' decisions to sign Cam Fleming and draft Leighton Vander Esch indicate that, hopefully, this is a lesson they've learned.

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