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Mailbag: Changing The Catch Rule? Missed Opportunities At Takeaways?



*Does this catch rule really need to be this difficult and ridiculous?  Why can't the NFL just come out and say that two feet down and a football move (i.e. reaching for the goal line) takes precedent over "process of the catch" going to the ground? *

Bryan: It's about controlling the ball. To be honest I have a far better understanding of what a catch is now. You go to the ground with the ball and it moves or touching the ground while moving it's no catch. 

David:I hate the rule, and I think it needs to be reworked drastically. I don't know what else you need to see beyond the receiver establishing possession and reaching the ball toward the goal line – which is clearly an indicator that he has control of it. In reference to the play in Pittsburgh on Sunday, I think the play should have been dead the minute he crossed the goal line.



Do the DBs ever work on pass catching drills with the jugs machine or even just a coach throwing it? A guy like Anthony Brown was clearly (at least from my perspective) looking at the end zone instead of looking at the ball hit his hands.

Bryan: They work every day on catching the ball. I have seen it with my own eyes. When you have poor ball skills, you have poor ball skills -- no matter how much you work on it. 

David:It's pretty unbelievable, isn't it? Especially since we've watched these defenders go through ball drills for years. You'd like to believe it all pays off, but making the play in practice and making the play in the moment can be two completely different things.

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