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Mailbag: Checking In On Devin Street's Progress

12 November 2017: Cooper Rush (7) of the Dallas Cowboys during their NFL week 10 regular season 27-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

Obviously even before DeMarcus Lawrence went down there was so much talk about the pass rush. The injury to the No. 34 pick only amplified the potential for last year's problem to carry over -- with that in mind, I haven't read anything about how Caesar Rayford is doing. They were so high on him last year and pass rushing was supposed to be his thing, but he seems to be a forgotten man. Were the Colts right to cut him?

Bryan: Caesar Rayford was the great mystery after what I observed from his preseason tape with the Colts. I thought Will McClay and the pro staff had really found a gem there but in that first season, that wasn't the case at all. He really was a man without a position and that hurt his development in my opinion. In these practices he has lined up at end but has also taken snaps at tackle. His play has been more in line with what we saw last season but there is still a ways to go here.

David:Like Bryan mentioned, my biggest impression from Rayford is that the coaches have been moving [embedded_ad] him around the line, both inside and outside. As always, he looks like he should be a force, and he has had some flashes during practice. But he's not consistently catching eyes like some of his counterparts – Henry Melton and Tyrone Crawford, mainly.

I haven't heard much mention about Devin Street. How is he doing at camp? Where do you think he will fit in?

Bryan: I have been much more impressed with what Street has been able to do in these practices as opposed to how he has played in the OTAs and minicamps. Right now I would think that he is looking at the fourth spot with the potential to see some work with Bryant and Williams. He has done a nice job with his route running and has been consistent with his hands. He is looking comfortable with all the opportunities in which they have put in his direction.

David: All credit due to Cole Beasley. I thought heading into camp that Street was a serious contender to win the slot spot and take playing time away from Beasley, and that just hasn't been the case. To this point, Beasley has looked impressive and I'd be stunned to see anyone unseat him. That's not a knock on Street at all. He has looked good in practice and, just like in OTAs, my main takeaway from watching him play is his versatility within the formation. It will be fun to watch him get some snaps in San Diego.

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