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Mailbag: Choosing Receiver Help? Defense First?


What's wrong with Lance Lenoir? I see they are talking about bringing in more depth, possibly Brice Butler? What's wrong with bringing Lenoir up? He led the team in preseason, right? Give the man his shot, why not? - ERIC AUSTON / WILLIAMSBURG, VA

Rob: If they do sign Butler, I think it has to be because of his experience playing in this system. Agree that Lenoir had a very good preseason and put himself in consideration for a spot. I do wonder about keeping seven receivers, though, if that's the case. Almost assuredly someone would have to be inactive every week, right?

Bryan: I asked Garrett that exact question and said they'd rather look at Butler at this time. Butler is a different type of receiver skill and size wise.


Two years ago the Cowboys' offense helped the defense out by sustaining long drives and controlling TOP, keeping the defense fresh. Can you guys talk about how the roles have changed and how the defense now helps the offense? - JENNIFER ROMAGE / REDLANDS, CA

Rob: No question the defense has been the most impressive group of the three phases. They've got a chance to be even better as they get healthier and when David Irving gets back from suspension. I do think the offense is still capable of helping them. That eight-plus minute touchdown drive in the fourth quarter against the Giants is the formula the offense wants.

Bryan: More three and outs mean more possessions for the offense. Sack/fumbles mean more short field drives. I still think this offense is going to have to help the defense with more points. If they can build leads then they can really turn this defense loose on the pass rush.

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