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Mailbag: Cobb and McCarthy Meant to be?


What is your take on Randall Cobb coming back? I hope he stays. I believe he was underutilized last season. Also, he may be instrumental with his familiarity with McCarthy. – PETER MADDEN / EWING, NJ

Nick:I often compared him to the entire Cowboys season last year. Some moments were really good. But other times you're wishing he could've done more and made a better play. Cobb wasn't perfect, but still a solid player. Maybe his connection with McCarthy will add more value but I still think the Cowboys need to keep looking for a younger slot receiver.

Lindsay: Randall Cobb got the bad end of so many penalties in 2019; I can't remember how many times I saw him make a fantastic play, and have to make the long jog back to the line of scrimmage. Age is definitely a factor, and Cobb will turn 30 during training camp this season. Maybe familiarity makes a play here, and McCarthy can find ways to capitalize on Cobb's best.

Everybody seems focused on what will happen with Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, but I'm worried about who our kicker will be in 2020. Did Kai Forbath do enough open up as the favorite? – JAY ARROWOOD / FALLING WATERS, WV

Nick:I think you worded that accurately. Forbath has to be re-signed first but if that happens, and I think it will, then yes he will open up as the favorite. That doesn't mean a lot if he doesn't make kicks but I would imagine the Cowboys have 2-3 kickers at camp and hopefully they can get enough attempts to make a strong decision.

Lindsay: One of the biggest surprises of my career with the Cowboys was when they released Dan Bailey. And I think the clamoring about the kicking situation (and the missed opportunities we saw on the field in '19) was heard by all. I expect there to be an open competition at this year's training camp, something we haven't seen in a while, but definitely needs to happen. Plus, I hear Coach Fassel likes to get crazy with his kickers – maybe someone who has arm talent, as well?

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