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Mailbag: Comparing Sam Williams To Parsons? 


Sam Williams and Micah Parsons had almost identical measurables at their combines. Do we expect to see Sam used as only an edge rusher or do we see Dan Quinn get creative with the disguises and dispatch Sam and Micah with speed to get after the quarterback in different packages? — AMOS LONGSTREET / ROSEVILLE, CA

Nick:I expect Dan Quinn to get creative with Williams once again like he did Parsons. But it starts with Micah. I think the big thing here is that the Cowboys decide how they want to play Parsons and then everyone else will follow after that. And yes, it includes Williams, who is already showing some of those traits that had the Cowboys so excited on draft day. I don't know if it's safe to just compare measurables at the combine. Obviously, Parsons was a high first-round pick and many people think the Cowboys reached to get Williams in the second. If all the NFL teams thought they were the same, Williams would've gone much higher. But I get where you're going with that. Williams does have some similar traits. And if he's anything close to what Micah was as a rookie, the Cowboys could have a special defense.

Rob: I guess we'll find out over the next few weeks. It's worth noting that Sam Williams wasn't just an edge rusher at Ole Miss. He lined up in a number of spots along the D-Line in college, and last year we saw Quinn move guys around – Parsons, obviously, but also DeMarcus Lawrence inside in certain packages – to get the best players on the field and create mismatches. Wouldn't surprise me if we saw that with Williams, too.

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