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Mailbag: Compensatory Picks? Romo HOF Worthy?


I understand the Cowboys are getting a fourth-round compensation pick for Anthony Hitchens. He led a playoff team in tackles and played all 16 games, plus playoffs. I think the pick should be a lot higher. What do you think? - JOSEPH CAPOFERRI

Rob: Compensatory picks haven't been announced yet, so fourth round is a reported estimation. The highest possible value is a third-rounder, and remember, Dak Prescott was a fourth-round compensatory draft pick, so that wouldn't be a bad consolation for losing Hitchens to Kansas City. But the formula to determine these picks is pretty convoluted, to be honest. I'm just a humble Journalism/English major.

Bryan: I don't fully understand the rules of who should get what, so it's hard for me to say they deserve more or less. To your point, if a player goes on and does tremendous things for his new club I would like to see the previous club receive better compensation. The league is really funny about their approach to how they award these picks.


We have all heard the discussion about whether or not Tony Romo is Hall of Fame worthy. You would think that, other than Super Bowl rings, a case certainly could be made based on his resume. Do you think that his popularity as a broadcaster now (which seems to be winning over even his biggest critics) might be enough to push him over the top and get him in? - DAN RITCH

Rob: I wrote this a few weeks back, actually. Romo's stats as a player at least warrant discussion for Canton. He's fifth all-time in career passer rating (97.1), according to Pro Football Reference, and the only guys ahead of him will probably get in one day: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Tom Brady. We all know quarterbacks are judged by rings, of course. If he does this CBS gig for 20 years, he's got a chance to be a Madden-like icon in the broadcasting biz. That could increase his chances of getting elected, in my opinion, perhaps as a 'contributor' to the league as well as a player.

Bryan: No question Romo will be in the Cowboys Ring of Honor, one day but to say he'll reach the Pro Football Hall of Fame appears to be a little tougher. Quarterbacks are judged differently than other players. I have questions about Eli Manning and he won two Super Bowls. I honestly don't think the broadcasting will have anything to do with that decision.

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