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Mailbag: Competition For Tyrone Crawford At RE?




What is the purpose of the supplemental draft and how are players selected? Is it players that couldn't enter the draft due to declaring too, late or were there other issues?

Bryan: The majority of these players have academic or off the field issues that put them in the draft. It's the league's way of providing them an avenue to continue playing ball. Over the years the draft has not had quality players in it and they just go undrafted. This year is different because there is a good chance that three of the five players in it will be selected between rounds two and five.

David: The supplemental draft is basically the league's way of keeping a kid from having to sit out a year. Maybe a guy got ruled academically ineligible during the summer before his senior year, or maybe he was kicked off his team for some reason. We typically don't hear much about the supplemental draft because it's rare for a good player to be available. That's clearly not the case this year.


If Tyrone Crawford is not the starter in camp does he make the team? He would be a $9 million rotation player.

Bryan: Trying to get rid of Crawford? If that's the case, I hate to be bearer of bad news, but he's going to be your starter at right end. He's has remade his body for the position but more importantly the coaches completely trust him.

David: I'd be a lot more willing to entertain this question if I thought there was any chance Crawford wasn't going to be the starter. Barring injury, though, he's going to be the guy. He's smart, he's experienced and he's dependable – which gives him a huge leg up on basically every other right end on the roster. He's not going anywhere.

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