Mailbag: Concern About CB Depth? Is It Time To Give Gathers A Chance?

Since we've been having injury issues in the secondary. Do you see anybody in free agency or off the practice squad that can make an immediate impact? If so, who?

Bryan: I don't see them grabbing a veteran player because that's not their style. If I had to guess I would believe that practice squad cornerback Sammy Seamster would be the next guy. They really do like his length. 

David:It's only Tuesday, but I get the feeling that Orlando Scandrick should be good to go for this game against the Ravens. If that's the case, I'd expect it'll be the same trio we've seen of Brandon Carr, Anthony Brown and Scandrick. Leon McFadden got thrown into the fire last week in Pittsburgh, which can only help him if he's called on again.

Since my Texas boy Geoff Swaim went down and James Hanna is unavailable, is it time to unleash Rico Gathers?

Bryan: If they allowed the coaches to walk on the field with scout team cards and the defense didn't move around before the snap, then Gathers would be your guy. But I have been told that he has seen night and day improvement from where he started. 

David:If the Cowboys needed an athlete to get out there and snag catches, I might be tempted to give Gathers a shot. But that's not how the Cowboys use their backup tight ends. Swaim has six catches this year, while Gavin Escobar has just one. Their primary function when they get out there is to block and help with the run game. I've heard that Gathers has come a long way, but I'm not sure he's ready for the nuance that would be asked of him. If the Cowboys need another tight end, I expect they'll have to go sign a free agent.

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