Mailbag: Concerned By Elliott's Slow Start? Better To Face Cutler Or Hoyer?

So far I'm not sold on Elliott. Will Morris get more carries until Zeke comes into his own, or will they continue the growing pains?

Bryan: I will admit that he's not the same back that I scouted at Ohio State, but I will also admit that if they don't block better for him -- he's got no chance. The time off from training camp has no doubt hurt him. I believe when he gets in football shape, we will see a different player.  

David: Zeke will only get better with more reps, in my opinion. Each time he's out there, he develops a better feel for the speed of the game, for the scheme and for the tendencies of this offensive line. It's not the fast start we were all expecting, but I'm still confident he's going to be fine.

I know the players and coaches won't say outwardly who they prefer, but do you think this team has a better chance to win playing against Brian Hoyer or Jay Cutler? I think I'd rather play against Cutler, who has proven that he will give the ball away and give this team the turnovers they desperately need. What do you think?

Bryan: I will take my chances against Hoyer. The games I've studied of Cutler, he has made some crazy good throws. Sure, he might take more chances and be careless with the ball but the reward is far greater with him. The Bears are going to miss him in the lineup because he could light this Cowboys secondary up if he played.   

David:Assuming they're both 100 percent healthy, I'd much rather face Hoyer. Yes, I know backup quarterbacks have fared well against the Cowboys in the recent past, but Jay Cutler – when he's on – is the type of quarterback who can keep a team competitive all by himself. Now, if Cutler's thumb is still bothering him, I wouldn't mind going against him – because that increases the likelihood of errant throws and interceptions.


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