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Mailbag: Concerns & Standouts From Denver Game?


Besides the penalties, what's one concern and one positive thing you took from the Broncos game? - MIKE S. / DALLAS, TX

Kyle: It's interesting because the focus of penalties, my positive and my negative all circle around one unit, the offensive line. I really liked the way Dallas ran the ball throughout the game. Five yards per carry across the trio of tailbacks including Malik Davis, Rico Dowdle, and Aaron Shampklin was extremely encouraging. However, where the run blocking was working, the pass protection was not. There was such little time to throw for both Cooper Rush and Ben DiNucci that it was tough to get a great read on the rest of the offense. If the pass protection from the offensive line depth can catch up with their efficient run game, this offense could be okay.

Rob: The swing tackle spot is still a mystery to me. Maybe they'll look to sign a veteran after final cuts. Maybe Tyler Smith will eventually start to cross train there. Maybe Josh Ball will continue to progress and take the job (last week was his first-ever work against another NFL team, joint practice or game). But right now that's a spot that doesn't seem settled. On the plus side, the top two draft picks (Smith and Sam Williams) were productive, even though it wasn't perfect.

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