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Mailbag: Confident Starting Connor Williams?



I keep hearing about Connor Williams' athletic ability. To be honest I hear that and think finesse. To paraphrase Nate from Hangin With The Boys, I don't care if you can jump on top of a skyscraper. Can you line up and mash the face of the man in front of you?

 Bryan: Connor Williams is a very athletic player but if you do study his game while at Texas, there is some finish to him. I didn't have a problem with his toughness, but where I did have a problem is there were snaps where he lacked some upper body power. 

David: It's a good bet that there'll be some growing pains. Even Travis Frederick wasn't a readymade All-Pro from the get-go. I wonder if Williams might struggle with the strength of NFL defensive linemen at the start. But the reason we bring up his athleticism so much is that I think it will help him compensate for those issues.



Are the Cowboys willing to trade either Cooper Rush or Mike White to a team needing a back up quarterback? Are there any teams that would make a good trade (Tampa Bay)?

Bryan: Why? I don't get this? I'd like to see what you have first with these guys. There is no guarantee with Prescott. Don't part with options until you have a handle on what's really going on with your squad. 

David: I hate this idea. People are so obsessed with the thought of "improving" their team via trade, they don't stop to consider the ramifications. Quarterback is the most important position on the team. I'm not trying to get rid of those guys until I'm convinced they can't help me.

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