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Mailbag: Cooper Hypothetical? Maximizing Micah?


Both Jerry and Stephen have said they will have to make some tough choices this off season. So here is a "hypothetical" choice, but may not be that far from a real possibility. If the choice came down to keeping Amari and losing both Michael Gallup and Cedrick Wilson, or cutting Amari and thus being able to afford and sign both Gallup and Wilson - which option would you choose? — DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

David: I'm keeping Cooper and not thinking that hard about it, with all due respect to Michael and Cedrick. I just happen to think Amari Cooper is still one of the 10-12 best receivers in the league. He's versatile, he's the best route runner, and he has proven his ability take over a game. He didn't do that much in 2021, but I would argue he wasn't given a lot of opportunity. Cooper and CeeDee Lamb gives you on of the best receiver tandems in the league, and you could fill it out with good drafting – something the Cowboys have proven they can do in the past.

Nick: Look at the Rams just now. Who won that game for them? Who carried them to the Super Bowl in the first place? Great players! I don't know if that's the recipe for all teams, but I think the Cowboys need to keep their great players. Amari Cooper is a great player. So I'm keeping Amari and I'll just find other receivers to fill in. I like Gallup and Wilson but they were third and sixth-round picks. They can be replaced.

If we simply look at the facts without overthinking, the best defense was with Parsons putting pressure on the quarterback. It's no coincidence that in the same time period Diggs had his streak of interceptions. With this and other scenarios, why not stick with what is working. No need to get creative or over think when something has the makings of success. — RICK LAWS / BOUNTIFUL, UT

David: Without overthinking, I thought the defense also looked pretty good when Micah was making plays in coverage downfield, tipping passes for Jayron Kearse to intercept and breaking up touchdown passes at the pylon. We talk so much about how the Cowboys aren't creative enough, and how they don't actually maximize the talent of some of their players. And yet, that's exactly what they did with Micah Parsons this season. I can't think of a reason why you'd want to change it.

Nick: I disagree. I think it's the perfect time to get creative when you have a player like this. There's a belief within the organization that Micah Parsons wouldn't be special if he was just a pass-rusher or just a linebacker. But if he can do both, and the offense doesn't really know where he's going to line up, he can be really special like that. And to answer your own question, I think this was working. And that's why the Cowboys are going to stick with that plan.

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