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Mailbag: Could Any Other Moves Happen In Free Agency?


With Henry Melton on board, Jared Allen unlikely and Anthony Spencer still a possibility, is there anyone else the Cowboys want to bring in for a free agency conversation?

David: Melton's contract is pretty team-friendly, at least in the first year. So yes, the Cowboys should have a little bit of money left over. But it's probably not enough to sign anyone that's going to "move the needle," so to speak. If there are any more signings coming, I suspect it'll be the of the roster depth/special teams variety. The one big variable is Spencer. We don't know how football-ready he is, and we don't know what the prognosis is on the knee. If the Cowboys can keep him for a low price, I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

Rowan: I'd be surprised if they brought in many other big names than the ones you've listed in free agency. I'm surprised they brought in Jared Allen given what he's probably asking for, and it makes me think they could see what a guy like Robert Ayers would ask for, but I don't expect anything major. They'll get money back after June 1, but I assume much of that will be used on draft picks. They have another $4-5 million if they want to use it on free agents now, but I expect a couple smaller signings rather than any major free agent that we haven't heard about yet. Much like last year, I expect them to add a couple pieces later in free agency when players will be more willing to lower their financial expectations.

I think the trade Dallas made last year, although highly criticized at the time, was a great trade. The draft this year is deep. Do you see Dallas trading back again to pick up an additional third?

David:I don't think I'd be surprised by any direction they choose to go in at this point – except maybe a first round running back. Trading back seems like as likely an [embedded_ad] option as any. There are probably four or five guys that look like good bets at No. 16 overall. But several positions of need, such as defensive end, don't seem to have a clear-cut player in that high of a position. It's not going to get many people excited, but trading back into the 20's or 30's and adding another pick could be a good way to add some quality depth to the roster.

Rowan: I think they'd try to move back and pick up a second, if anything. Some people thought a second round pick was attainable last year, given the place the Cowboys moved back to, although it certainly worked out grabbing Terrance Williams in addition to Travis Frederick. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a similar move this year, but remember, there has to be a team willing to come up. The longer the big-name quarterbacks stay on the board, the better the chances of moving back.

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