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Mailbag: Could Cole Beasley Become The Next Wes Welker?


Sam McInnis
Charlotte, N.C.

Looking at the success Wes Welker and Danny Amendola have had, can you see Cole Beasley becoming that type of player?

Nick: I think he has the ability, yes. But you mentioned two players from the same school who have had success. They're not the only two short receivers who look similar who have tried to make it in this league. So yes, there are examples that guys like Beasley can stick and even be really good. But there are a lot more who haven't panned out. Beasley is a great route runner and that's a must when you're vertically challenged. He's also got good hands and he's fearless. I think he's going to get better and have a nice role in this offense.

Bryan: The best trait that Cole Beasley has is his ability to catch the ball. As long as you can do that successfully, coaches will find opportunities for you. Beasley has a really nice understanding of how to get open and present himself as a target. There are things that he will struggle with on the outside but you get him in the slot and on the move where he can be a problem to deal with in coverage. I would like to believe that Beasley will develop his own niche but because of his size, people will always compare him to Welker and Amendola so I guess that not a bad thing.   

Aaron Sturgess
Downey, Calif.

Now that it seems the coaching staff is complete, which assistant coach do you think will make the biggest impact next year?

Nick:To me the obvious answer is Rod Marinelli because while Monte Kiffin's "Tampa 2" defense is the model, Marinelli has had recent success with it in Chicago. But beyond that, I'm interested to see what Derek Dooley can do as wide receiver coach. His [embedded_ad] biggest task is to form a good relationship with Dez Bryant.

Bryan: Without a doubt it will be Rod Marinelli. I really believe that the reason that this Monte Kiffin defense has a chance to be successful is the fact that Jason Garrett was able to also bring Marinelli on staff. It's an outstanding scheme but what makes it work is the pressure that you get from the front. I expect Marinelli to be a positive influence from the word "Go" in the way that he coaches these defensive linemen not only to play the run but get up the field as pass rushers.

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