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Mailbag: Could Cowboys Rotate Offensive Tackles?


The Cowboys rotate defensive linemen to keep them fresh. Is there an opportunity to do this on the offensive line? With three solid tackles in Tyron Smith, Terence Steele and Tyler Smith, could they be used interchangeably to keep them fresh? And especially keep Tyron healthy? – Allen Aharkey/Skiatook, OK

Nick: I don't see a rotation at offensive tackle. But where I think you might be onto something, is finding a way to play all three in a game. There's nothing wrong with having your "swing" tackle report as an eligible receiver on running plays and short-yardage scenarios. That's better than any blocking tight end you're going to use on third-and-1. Now, I don't really believe they're going to have a major problem where Tyler Smith, Tyron Smith and Terence Steele are all healthy and only playing tackle. If they're all healthy, I think one of them moves to guard. But if not, then they must figure out a way to use them all, and having tackle-eligible plays in the run game could help.

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