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Mailbag: Could Hillis Follow RB Coach To Dallas?


With the hiring of Gary Brown, do you see Peyton Hillis as a fit as a low-risk, high-reward signing? We do need another back and they have history. Oh, and he went to a certain GM's alma mater.

Nick: Let's not forget who Hillis or any other back would be replacing? That'd be another Arkansas back who has basically been shown the door. Say what you want about Jerry's ties to Arkansas, but Felix Jones is the only player he's ever drafted from there. And I remember back in 2008, they didn't think Hillis was physical enough back then. He's probably proven them and other teams wrong but he's had some serious injury issues lately. Still, I'm not sure it would be a bad fit. I could see the Cowboys needing a bigger back and if he can serve an H-back type role, it could be a good fit.  

Rowan: Hillis' best years were in Cleveland and it wouldn't be shocking to see Hillis in a Cowboys uniform, but keep in mind what this team needs. More important than a speedster or a bruiser to complement Murray, the Cowboys need a player they can trust will be ready to carry a full workload if Murray goes down again. Hillis has only played in all 16 games once in his five seasons.

Now that they are switching to a 4-3 defense, what is the most important position they should focus on getting players for, especially after last season's season-ending injuries?

Nick:That sounds like a simple enough question but as we sit here in the middle of February, it's just not. Is Spencer back? What about Ratliff and a possible suspension? And who knows about Josh Brent's status. There are a lot of things that have to [embedded_ad] shake out. If Spencer is gone, you need a pass-rusher. You probably need an interior tackle at some point, regardless of Ratliff and Brent. So not to avoid the question, but right now I'll be vague and say someone on that defensive line.  

Rowan: If they find a way to keep Spencer, then defensive tackle. If they can't, then a pass-rushing end. The Cowboys should have a relatively good idea if they can hold onto him by the time the draft rolls around. The answer to that question doesn't leave the defensive line, and if Spencer seems unlikely to re-sign, I'd take a pass rushing end. There should be a decent amount to choose from.

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