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Mailbag: Could Hilton Still Be A Fit With Cowboys?


At this point, is there any chance of T.Y. Hilton rejoining the Cowboys? With CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and Brandin Cooks set as the top three, and young guys who need a chance behind them, could Hilton still fit in? – Adam Smith/Little Rock, AR

Mickey: First of all, what makes you think T.Y. Hilton wants to play from the start of this upcoming season? Remember, he only returned to ball last year after his kids' football seasons were completed. What if that is all he wants to do again? Next, while Hilton sure provided some production, the acquisition of Brandin Cooks should cool any obvious desire to bring back Hilton, even on a parttime basis. You can't keep getting older. At some point you must develop young talent. The Cowboys top three receivers will be – should be – CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and Cooks. And it's too early to just give up on Jalen Tolbert. Remember draft and develop. Just because Tolbert didn't become a star as a rookie, doesn't mean you just give up on a third-round pick. He's got talent and appears just needed some time to acclimate to the pro game.

Patrik: I was all-in on re-signing Hilton to the roster instead of OBJ, considering the instant chemistry and impact provided in 2022 by Hilton on the field and in the locker room as a mentor for CeeDee Lamb. But with the addition of Cooks, I'm hard-pressed to envision the former Colt willfully walking into a situation where, at best, he might be WR4 fighting for some WR3 snaps with Michael Gallup — especially when you consider the fact Hilton has effectively proven to the entire league he's still an impact player; and one who's also healthy. In my eyes, that ship has sailed, and the Cowboys will move forward with trying to add another WR via the NFL Draft while also tasking Jalen Tolbert to take a fairly sizable step forward in Year 2 (in direct competition with anyone they might draft).

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