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Mailbag: Could More Legends Follow Pearson To HOF?


Now that the Pro Football Hall of Fame finally got it right by adding Drew Pearson, do you think Chuck Howley, Lee Roy Jordan or Everson Walls will ever get that knock at the door? – WALT / TROY, NY

Nick: I would think Everson Walls would have a shot one day, considering he was very close just a few years ago. He was actually at the Super Bowl and didn't get that knock. So usually, when you're that close, I think he'll have a shot. I know people like to argue this, but I don't think it would hurt to put him in the Ring of Honor. Plus, he's so deserving in my opinion for many reasons. But we should have a Top 10 article on players that should be next in line for the Hall. Stay tuned for that.

David: Never say never. There's no time limit on Hall of Fame enshrinement, so there's no telling what happens in the future. But I will say that voting someone in after the fact is like pushing a snowball down a hill. You've got to get a lot of momentum to sway the right amount of people. Just look at how long it took Drew Pearson, for example. So it could certainly happen, but I don't think I'd look for it in the immediate future.

The NFL is a copycat league. Tampa won the Super Bowl mainly because of their defense, specifically its pass rush. Do you think Dallas should copy what Tampa did to New Orleans, Green Bay, and Kansas City and make defense a major priority going forth? – JAMES JORDAN / CONVERSE, TX

Nick: I don't think the Cowboys will do that, actually, as far as making it a top priority. I'm not sure you can say that Tampa Bay made it its top priority either. What they did do was sign some veteran players who have been successful with other teams and put them in a system to succeed. But that team also had a beast of a middle linebacker that just tracks the ball. The Cowboys have missed that guy in recent years. But this draft needs to be nearly all defense in my opinion, especially early. They have to try to find some ballers that can play right away.

David: All credit to the Bucs for a heck of an impressive playoff run, but let's not forget the Chiefs reached back-to-back Super Bowls because of an insanely talented offense. I'd go as far as to say I think Kansas City would be celebrating a second-straight championship if they hadn't been forced to play that game without either of their starting offensive tackles. The Cowboys have already allocated so much of their cap to their offense. Of course they need to improve their defense. But if this roster as it's currently constructed is going to climb to the mountaintop, I think it's going to be on the strength of that offense.

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