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Mailbag: Could Parsons Help This Offense At RB? 


I know some of the website staff were saying after the Saints game that there are no ugly wins this late in the season, but after the game against Washington, I can't help but think about how much this offense is struggling lately. What changes can we expect to see moving forward to get this offense lighting up the scoreboard again? — JAMIE WILLIS / HURLEY, WI

Rob: Oh, there are definitely wins that qualify as ugly. We've seen them here. It's hard to win in the NFL, no matter who you're playing, so the point is you don't apologize for winning. But your point is well taken. For the Cowboys to get where they want to go, they obviously need more production on offense and to reward the defense for the plays they're making, as Dak Prescott said after the game. To me, the obvious area is the passing game and Dak finding a consistent rhythm with his receivers. Chunk plays are the key to points, and the offense only had two through the air Sunday. But I still think the run game might be the key to the whole thing. When it was really clicking a few weeks ago, the offense was in better down and distance and it opened everything else up.

Nick: Yeah, I don't think you can win a game in December on the road against desperate football teams and call it ugly. Doesn't mean it's pretty. But I think there is an in-between, and that goes much further than just describing football games. Sure, the offense is out of sync right now. I believe it starts with the offensive line and because of that there is no running game. And then you factor in the top two backs are not 100 percent. And so if your offense is one-dimensional it puts pressure on the QB to carry the team. And that's not a strength for Dak in my opinion. He can lead the team, but carry them to the finish line? No, he needs a little more help. But I like at this in a positive way. The Cowboys are winning road games without playing well on offense. Once that clicks again, this team has the potential to be scary.

Micah Parsons had 27 rushing TDs and 1,200-plus rushing yards at running back as a high school senior. What do you think of giving him five or six snaps a game on offense, possibly out of the wildcat? At the very least, it would give opposing defensive coordinators something to think about. — ANDREW REED / NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV

Nick: Sure, why not. I'm done trying to say what Parsons should do or not do. My gut tells me they've already put a ton on his plate so why do even more? But, then again, he's crushed everything they've given him. Just remember this, both of your top two backs are limping around The Star right now. Running backs get hurt. I'm against it but if the Cowboys think he can do it, then go ahead.

Rob: I've gotten this question from a few fans, half-jokingly, because it seems like Parsons can do anything on a football field. It's a fun idea, and sure, the Cowboys are banged up at running back, but I don't think that's realistic. Parsons has enough on his plate at linebacker and defensive end. Let him focus on that, because he's been the biggest reason for their resurgence.

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