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Mailbag: Could Ronald Jones Star In Dallas?


I know Tony Pollard is RB1 as soon as he's 100 percent, but I am more concerned about RB2, who could end up being the starter until Pollard returns or if he is hurt again. I haven't heard much about Ronald Jones. How has he looked so far? He showed promise at Tampa Bay. Any chance he becomes a star here in Dallas running behind a solid offensive line? _– Nick McGraw/Manassas, VA

Nick Eatman: You never say never to anything. We've seen veterans in the past who looked like their best days were behind them and they found a way to shine. But is that what I expect to see from Ronald Jones this year? Can't say I do. More than anything, it was the fact that he hasn't had big roles in each of the last two stops in Kansas City and Tampa Bay. Then again, he could always flash his two shiny rings at all of us. He wasn't the main reason why his teams won the Super Bowl, but he was there. Who knows, maybe that's what he'll bring to the Cowboys. I do think he'll be serviceable but something tells me Malik Davis might be a better option to back up Pollard.

Mickey: I'll answer this one the way I answered Wednesday's question about the best running back candidate to protect Dak. Re-sign Zeke if still available during camp and if he will play for a modest base salary and incentives. Now it sure seems as if Pollard will be ready to start training camp on time, and even if he misses a few weeks, no big deal. But my choice would be Malik Davis. Showed a lot last year on the few snaps he played. As for Ronald Jones, well he sure didn't do much or was given much of a chance last year in Kansas City and the Chiefs were down Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I'd think Jones would be more of a situational player.

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