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Mailbag: Could Rosen Add Backup QB Competition?


Any chance the Cowboys might be interested in quarterback Josh Rosen, just waived by the 49ers? I know that he has had a very disappointing career, but still, a guy with the talent to be a first-round pick has a significant amount of ability. –KENT HOEFFNER / WACO, TX

Nick:I get it that sometimes it just doesn't work out the way we think it will. Rosen had the talent to be high first-round pick. But so far, none of the team he's been on thought he could play for them. And it's not like it was a one-time thing, but four teams. I think if he's going to show it, he would've shown it. And it's not like Rosen has been cut as the starter, these teams don't think he's good enough to be the backup? So why would it work in Dallas? The only way I see the Cowboys doing this is if they've decided they're going to keep three QBs on the roster and someone like Rosen is the third guy who can learn the offense and have enough time to possibly compete with Gilbert.

David: I liked Josh Rosen more than several of the quarterbacks that came out in 2018, including Josh Allen. So I promise I'm not happy to say this. But I just feel like Rosen would have shown something by now if this was meant to be. He has been with four teams and thrown 502 career passes, so there have been opportunities. Combine that with the fact that Garrett Gilbert has been here for a year and has a huge head start on understanding this offense, and I just don't see it. I know Rosen was a first-round pick, but I don't think he's an upgrade over what's already here.

If you had your druthers, and one of each of a very qualified offensive or defensive tackle would be available for the Cowboys to sign prior to the season starting, which position do you think would serve the team best going into the season? – ROBERT STYLE / SAN ANTONIO, TX

Nick: Offensive tackle – every time. But especially in this situation with the veteran tackles being hurt last year. If you had a guy you trusted who could back up Smith and Collins, you'd feel so much better about the O-line. It's not like the defensive tackle spot is locked up. But for some reason, I trust that Dan Quinn is going to find a combination good enough to make it work. But as we've seen in the past, if the swing tackle isn't capable of doing his job, you can quickly lose the game and your quarterback could be in trouble.

David: Give me the offensive tackle, for sure. This team is only going to go as far as its offense and Dak Prescott can carry it, so he needs all the insurance he can get. I'd love to see this team invest in a defensive tackle, don't get me wrong. But unless you're offering me Aaron Donald, I don't think a quality defensive tackle is going to make that much of a difference. I'd much rather insure my $160 million investment and make sure I'm covered if something happens to Tyron Smith or La'el Collins.

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