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Mailbag: Could The Cowboys Bring Back Chris Canty?



Would the Cowboys consider bringing back Chris Canty? Would he be a good fit for Kiffin's defense?

Nick: I think at this point this defense needs to lean on the experience they've added with the coaching staff. If this scheme is supposed to work, then let it work and let it develop some players like Tyrone Crawford, Sean Lissemore and maybe some other young players. Throwing money to veteran guys like Canty doesn't seem to be wise. Not saying to avoid vets in free agency, but the price has to be right. Obviously it wasn't right for the Giants anymore. You wonder what kind of money Canty will get. I think he'd be a nice fit for the Cowboys here but only if it's a decent contract and he's not a progress-stopper.

Bryan: When we talk about these players that are released, it's not like a bunch of us out back trading football cards. There are situations that you have to think about when it comes to cap chargers and is there even enough money there to sign these players? Would Canty be a nice fit as a one technique? You bet but will Canty have options to make more money somewhere else? That's a decision that he would have to make. Be personally, I draft someone younger, cheaper and potentially better at the position. In 2005 we found Canty out of the University of Virginia, and in the work I have done so far, there look like better Chris Canty's in this draft. Try and work on that first before you go spend money.   


Why is it that everyone is so scared of DeMarcus Ware playing D-End? If memory (and research) is correct, didn't D-Ware play D-End at Troy? Seems to me that his speed off the line in a 3 or 4 point stance would maximize his pass rush

Nick:I don't really think it's fair to say what a guy did in college and that he'll be fine now. He did that when he was 20-22 years old. It's different now. He actually looked like a 50-year-old at the very end last year because of how banged up he was. Now, I think Ware will be fine and play the 4-3 with relative ease. But I don't think it's because he played it well at Troy back in the 2004. I think it's because he's a smart, [embedded_ad]

tough, talented player who can fit into just about any scheme on any team in any league. 

Bryan:  I don't worry one minute about Ware playing defensive end. Monte Kiffin took a player with far less weight and strength in Simeon Rice and made him a Pro Bowl player. Ware knows how to battle these tackles and tight ends, he does it every week. Also remember he will be playing on the weak side of the defense and will most likely have Bruce Carter playing behind him. Teams are not going to want to hammer that side with those two standing there. Ware will be fine.

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