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Mailbag: Could The Cowboys Go O-Line First Two Rounds?



Would you be shocked if the Cowboys took two offensive linemen in the first two rounds? Maybe a center, guard or right tackle.

Bryan: I would be surprised if they did but their grades for that position might be higher than what they have for other positions then if that was the case, then yes. If you asked if they would take back to back picks on defensive linemen, then I wouldn't be shocked. I think that both the offensive and defensive lines in this draft stretch pretty good, so I could see going one than the other and going that route.

Rowan: Not shocked. I think it's more likely they grab an offensive lineman and defensive lineman in the first two rounds, but if they see two talented players they think could help them immediately, it wouldn't shock me if they went that route. It might also make the most sense in terms of maximizing Tony Romo's production in the years he has left. I could see them going tackle and guard if they went that route.

Can we salvage Doug Free by playing him at guard? I would think he'd be better than Mackenzy Bernadeau. If so, it would allow us to take a tackle in the draft and get improvements in two positions.

Bryan: I have said this before, I don't see Free playing guard because you want a player inside that can play with power. What is the biggest problem for Romo? When the front on the pocket ends up in his lap. Free just doesn't have the strength to hold up against rushers that would bull rush him. On the edge he can use his athletic ability, inside you need strength. I could see these coaches moving Bernadeau to center than drafting a guard to play his spot. The goal is to try and get the front of the pocket as strong as possible.

[embedded_ad] Rowan: I don't see that happening. Free already moved from left tackle to right tackle. He doesn't seem to have the right body type to move into the interior. I don't see him maximizing his potential by going against the bigger, tougher defensive tackles in the league. I'd probably be more surprised to see Free in the starting lineup than Bernadeau next season, but it wouldn't shock me if both were replaced.

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