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Mailbag: Cowboys Get Lucky The CBs Were Gone?


Do you think the Cowboys actually got very lucky this year when the two corners they wanted were off the board, therefore getting Micah? — CHARLEY CABANISS / TISHOMINGO, OK

David: We might not be able to answer that question accurately in two years, let alone after two games. I don't follow the Broncos or the Panthers as closely as I follow the Cowboys, but Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn both seem to be off to fast starts, as well. Both guys recorded their first career interceptions last week. To this point, Micah looks like a home run pick. I'm not ready to say anything more than that just yet.

Nick: It's early, but I bet we can probably take it a step further than that. Sure, the Cowboys were wanting those two cornerbacks – Surtain and Horn – and when they were gone, it shifted to Parsons. But I think we might want to even look at some of the other 11 players taken before Parsons. If he continues to show how dominant he can be, there will be a lot of teams wondering why they didn't grab him as well. Yeah, they might say they were focused on offense, but every team in the league will draft a versatile, catalytic playmaker if he's out there.

How would you assess Tyler Biadasz's play so far this season? Mind you, the first game was an extremely difficult task versus Tampa's front-seven - without Zack Martin. But there were still some one-on-one moments versus L.A. in which he was driven back into Dak's lap. — SEAN CUNNINGHAM / FARMINGTON, NY

David: Maybe it's because he went to the same school and plays the same position as Travis Frederick, a perennial All-Pro. But I think people sometimes forget that Tyler Biadasz is a Day 3 draft pick who made just the sixth start of his career last week. I do agree with you. He seems to have had his issues keeping his feet, and he's gotten driven back a few times. Those are expected growing pains, in my opinion. It's too early for me to be overly worried about it.

Nick: I think he's been solid. The Cowboys have protected him somewhat, especially in the first game when they did most of their work on the outside. We haven't seen a ton of play-calls up the middle. But Biadasz has been right in the middle. There haven't been a ton of pancake-blocks that get him noticed, but other than a few plays against the Bucs, he's held his own rather well.

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